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How to Earn While Studying: Best Investment Ideas for Students

Studying at the university is complicated as it presupposes its budgeting, and that is spectacular when you come from the affluent family, and you may dedicate all your time to study, or not, and blow all your parents’ money on partying. A reverse side of the coin is when you are striving for knowledge with no plan B, and budgeting is all in your hands. While being in your shoes, let us pitch you some brilliant ideas on activities to make money on.Read More

Inspirational Interview. An Anonymous Authoress Reveals Her Secrets

inspirational interview

We have been lucky to conduct inspirational interviews with fantastic authors so far and shared with you their insight on writing expelling unique stories. This time an anonymous authoress agreed to reveal her secrets of writing with our readership. She has been blogging at “Miss Snark’s First Victim”  since 2007. She does not want to reveal her name as she prefers to tell the truth about writer’s routines and be on the safe side. Her blog can confirm that.Read More

Unplag to Partner Up with Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine

academic integrityUnplag has taken another great step towards fostering academic integrity! Now when all formalities are completed, we are more than glad to share with you our latest news.

Unplag is to help Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine check works of all the current justices as well as candidates for judicial elections for plagiarism. So far, Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine has already signed a partnership contract with Unplag. The members of the Council will assess all the submissions with Unplag to ensure academic integrity principles haven’t been violated.

The candidates to the Supreme Court are current judges, Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Science. Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine will check the research papers of the applicants for plagiarism to make certain that scientific degrees they obtained are well-deserved.

For you to better understand what Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine is all about, here is a brief outline of its key functions. Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine is a special commission that identifies the compliance of a judge with criteria of professional ethics and academic integrity. It proceeds with a judge’s assessment to satisfy the needs of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine.