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Trends in Higher Education 2017 That Will Wow You

Have you ever gone to a fortune teller? We, at Unplag, bet you thought about it at least once. Predicting is something that we are still new to, but willing to try our hand at.

Throughout 2016 our team went to a series of educational conferences held across Europe and US. Being fond of workshops and exchanging ideas with true fans of education helped us much figure out what changes may await you in 2017. By outlining the key transformations for both online and offline learning, we hope you can grasp at the chance to quickly update your learning or teaching strategy for this year.

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Library Innovations: How Will Libraries Look In the Future

Library services are improving from year to year. Despite they have been around for 5,000 years and haven’t changed too much, libraries still have made a number of valuable transformations to become more effective and fast for their users. When the Internet appeared libraries created electronic databases and search systems. Since the Internet affected their development a lot, paper books started losing their popularity.

So, what library services are considered to be the most up-to-date? The answer is below.Read More

School 42: The First Academic Institution Without Teachers

We all know that these are educators who are responsible for giving students the knowledge. It looks like studying at university without them is next to impossible. Despite it sounds very strange, there is one university without teachers. This revolutionary school is named 42, the answer to the meaning of life taken from the science fiction series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The school was founded by the French billionaire Xavier Niel. The school helps students become software developers. When students finish their studies, they’re supposed to be able to code most of programs – from simple calculator to sophisticated plagiarism detection software.

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Google Classroom: Perfect Way to Improve Learning Process

Education has long gone digital. Educators successfully use online platforms to exchange feedback with their students, share assignments, plan their lessons or check for plagiarism. Nevertheless, there are countless free software options available online, using them still entails some hidden costs. Actually, average expenses can reach up to 3,000 dollars per teacher. The hidden fees are usually associated with some additional features or expanding the number of users.

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Student Led Conference Ideas: A New Fast-Growing Trend

Student led conferences have recently replaced teacher-parent ones. There are many reasons of that phenomenon. Before attending teacher-led conferences, parents are prepared to hear teacher’s reprimands and a call to action – tell their children off. At the same time, teachers feel uncomfortable either because they mainly should talk about the pupil’s drawbacks and how to improve them, or they explain their marks basis. That kind of meeting is not efficient, and student led conferences solve that problem. Moreover, preparation takes time, and instead of checking student papers, teachers spend their time on a red tape.

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Global Student Mobility and 4 Trends That Shape It

Today, 5 million students study abroad. The increase of international student mobility influences world economy and improves international relations. The main reasons to leave their own country and go abroad may be different, yet it is interesting to know students’ incentives to get international experience. Students learn different cultures, languages and get experience of working with different software. There are 4 main trends that are likely to have the strongest impact on a student mobility.

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