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Christmas News Santa Looks Different_Infographic by Unplag

Christmas Brings Unexpected News: Santa Changed His Look

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the cheerful sound of Christmas approaching us on a reindeer sleigh. Twinkling lights and beautifully decorated trees make you quickly get into the Christmas spirit. You will definitely share the Unplag team’s opinion that it’s also the right time to sum up our achievements and start something new.

Santa Claus also got behind the idea. He calculated the number of delivered presents, logistic expenses, scrolled down the Santa Claus activity log and re-read tones of messages posted on his timeline. Still, something was missing. Every year Santa together with a helpful team of elves, reindeer and Mrs. Claus does the same work. It brings much joy, but to some extent it reminds him of a groundhog day effect.

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Famous Romantic Novels

Love Words Counter in the Most Famous Romantic Novels

Do you feel love is in the air? Valentine’s Day is coming. Soon people will buy presents and chocolates for the beloved ones, couples will plan their vacations, and everything around you will turn into pink and red and beautified with hearts or flowers. If you strongly dislike all the fuss and buzz, there’s still no reason to lose your heart.

Valentine’s Day is an amazing occasion to recollect the best love stories of all time and read them once again. Romantic mood of the famous novels will win over your skepticism giving you exciting experience and feelings.

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christmas quiz

Grab Your Chance to Take a Christmas Story Quiz by Unplag

Do you catch yourself murmuring “White Christmas” song time and again? And a desire to re-watch “Home Alone” is getting stronger with every passing second? It’s a clear sign that a time for ho, ho, ho is coming soon with its sparkling decorations, candy canes, mistletoes, and fir trees!

Christmas is one of the most celebrated annual holidays bringing along lots of traditions deep-rooted in the ancient culture. No wonder that so many of us get ready for this special day well in advance as well as we, the Unplag free plagiarism checker team, do. For many of us Santa-Google becomes an absolutely essential assistant: You enter requests related to Christmas dishes, party games, gifts, romantic films to watch, etc.

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plagiarism hell

Nine Circles of Plagiarism Hell [Infographic]

Through me, you pass into the city of consequences —
All hope abandon ye plagiarists who enter here.

In the spirit of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, Unplag plagiarism checker reveals an alternative and humorous look at the fate that awaits plagiarists who are committing a sin against originality.

The plagiarism hell has a place for everyone, even “good” souls who ignore plagiarism guidelines, thereby sealing their fate to one day plagiarize and face the consequences of plagiarism, dwell here.

The infographic takes a closer look at what happens to poor souls guilty of various plagiarism sins, ranging from the unintentional plagiarism to submitting the wholly stolen work. It offers a tour through the nine increasingly dreadful circles of plagiarism hell, in which sinners remain until they correct all incidents of copying and fraud. The most passive souls never leave, abandoning their graduation and career dreams.

The Nine Cirles of Plagiarism Hell

Be aware of plagiarism and take care!

Big-name authors and their weird jobs

Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers [Infographic]

In the infographic below, Unplag plagiarism checker dives into big-name writers and their extraordinary jobs.

No one is born a writing genius. Famous literary giants whose novels changed the world and the way we think and live are not an exception. They had extremely odd and unpaid jobs before they became full-time writers. Check out and get inspired by the stories of James Joyce, Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens and others.weird jobsDownload this infographic.

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