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academic plagiarism

Unplag Revealed Academic Plagiarism and Started Collaboration with a Renowned Spanish University

Last week Unplag officially started partnering up with the King Juan Carlos University located in Madrid, Spain.

The Spanish university has already obtained an annual license to use the Unplag plagiarism checker and take academic cheating under control. 37,939 students of this university can now instantly scan their papers for originality and get accurate search results.

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New Unplag Update for LMS Users

Have More Coffee Breaks with a New Unplag Update: Save Settings for All Assignments with One Click

What do you value the most in LMS apps when creating another assignment for students or grading their papers? One of the choice criteria is sure to be its “labor-saving” feature. This is what our team calls “striving for a positive user-experience at all costs.” And this is the main reason why a new Unplag update has been released. It allows saving settings for all assignments in a course with just one click.

This way you avoid adjusting settings for each assignment individually. Isn’t it labor-saving?

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Self-Plagiarism Exclusion Feature

Still Keep Guessing Whether a Student Re-used a Paper? Unplag Can Clear Up Your Doubts!

As an educator, you have definitely come across recycled student papers not once. To bring self-plagiarism accusations against the cheaters may take much time, since you need to ensure that your proof is really irrefutable. Not all plagiarism checkers available for LMS use can tackle the issue. Though students can also become victims of an unjust plagiarism checker verdict when their final submissions are falsely considered as re-used ones just because students were allowed to pre-check their papers before sending them for grading.

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Use Unplag in Blackboard Learn

Unplag is Now Available for Blackboard Learn Users

Good news for all educators using Blackboard Learn™. The Unplag plagiarism checker has recently become available for use within Blackboard Learn courses. So, if you are a fan of integrated tools within Blackboard Learn, it’s high time to register an account at and see it in action. It can be done either on one’s own or under the supervision of the Unplag team.

Once the registration is completed, you’ll get access to the institution account at To activate the LTI app in Blackboard Learn, your LMS administrator should obtain the API key and secret (which can be found in the API Settings section of your Unplag account) and make initial setup. That’s all you need to get started.

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Unplag at Instructurecon 2016

Unplag at Instructurecon 2016: the Most Curious Facts and Our Impressions

Known for its 3,000-mile long Colorado Rockies and the world’s largest Rodeo show, this year Colorado has turned into an even more popular place thanks to numerous Canvas fans who came here to take part in InstructureCon 2016. No wonder that their overall amount was so big, since Canvas LMS is now being used by more than 2,000 academic institutions from all over the world.

Held throughout July 18-21, the event took place in Keystone, a town being a perfect fit for skiers, hikers and summer visitors. Inspired by the attractive look of the surroundings, the Canvas team chose a summer edcamp format for the 2016 conference.

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Unplag integrates with Schoology

Now The Schoology Users Can Also Make the Most of Unplag

The time to announce another LMS integration has come! Now Unplag has become available for 12 million of the Schoology users. Thus, instructors will be able to strengthen academic success of  students by giving advice on how each submitted paper can be improved after being checked for similarities.

Let’s move on to some specific possibilities the Schoology LMS users get by using the Unplag App.

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Сommenting feature by Unplag

A Commenting Feature by Unplag Allows for Better Interaction with Students

A recently rolled out commenting feature is a win for educators using Unplag as corporate users. It allows commenting on any part of the assignment submitted by the student and share feedback or provide individual recommendations in a matter of seconds. Commenting is supported in all LMSs Unplag is currently integrated with including Canvas and Moodle for no extra charge.

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